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Friday Freebie!  Friday Freebie!  Hard to believe it is Friday again!

Most of my photography work is done with people and animals.  I love working with family groups, newborns, reunions, and weddings.  Every now and again I see something in nature that begs to have its picture taken and I capture an amazing piece of natural beauty.  But, a few times per year I am asked to do something really different and usually pretty cool. 

Today is one of those different and super cool days.  I will be spending the day with a Heli-tack group from Alaska and the Rangers from the Cape Hatteras National Sea Shore for a prescribed burn.  I will be photo-documenting this "on purpose" fire as they burn these several hundred acres around the Bodie Island Lighthouse to prevent the accidental starting of a wildfire.
(pictures later, gator!)

Soooooo... to enter this week's giveaway, leave a comment about a different or cool or weird picture you've snapped.  Just has to be out of your ordinary.  And if you'd like to send the picture to me, I'd love to see it...but you do not have to :)  sarah@sarahkimmelphotography.com

This week's winner wins a free 5x7 print from my lab.  It can be any print you have copyrights to or a print from my art gallery.  Winner will be selected tonight!

Good luck!  And, Until Next Time~

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Anonymous said...

I took great pictures at the zoo last summer...not TOO cool or weird, but definitely different from my family (well, sorta)!
Tiffany Ingram

Anonymous said...

My cousin has a super cool camera that has a massive lens and it can photograph stars. On a visit he let me work with him a little...it was cool :)

Anonymous said...

Oh...this is Ilene Walker ;)

Tomiko Lewark said...

A few years ago, my sister and I took our parents on a trip to Gatlinburg,TN. We drove through Cades Cove. Along with the beautiful scenery, I was able to snap some pictures of a small bear eating berries out of the top of a tree. The park rangers were there, to make sure we all were safe but man, what a sight!

Anonymous said...

Being part of a turtle release last summer the day before evacuating for Hurricane Irene at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore was very cool. We released over 90 baby loggerhead turtles and it is an experience we will never forget!

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